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Spiritual Transformation Through Crap

Spiritual Transformation through Crap

Sometimes (especially as Saturn returns, according to my astrologist friend) I feel I’m going mad. I don’t write 24 hours a day – there are other pressing concerns like “where do I buy a battery for this watch I once thought was so terrific”, and “what’s the least repulsive way to give my doctor a poop sample?

Parasites are everywhere, waiting to suck the life force out of you. You HAVE TO reserve time for restorative activity so you can transcend the crap or better yet, turn it into gold. Is there a technology for that?  You bet. It’s called Arts Alchemy 101; grab your mouse, keys and let me show you the curriculum.

You want transformation?  I don’t care how composed you look at your day job; a seething cauldron of emotion is right there under the surface, and you’d be foolish not to choose how and when it erupts.

Everything that happens to you (and by osmosis, everyone else), thrilling and rotten, delightful or irritating, is grist for your artistic mill.  Daily events are the bric-a-brac you will piece together to make your sculpture, your symphony.  Replacing the battery and mailing off the poop specimen is part of your unique story, the one you literally weave from all the crap you go through.  

So, waste not want not.  Notice all things around you, take notes, and at the end of the day, build the story.  Shit happens, make something of it, and voila, you’ve got your spiritual transformation.