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Barbara’s outstanding musical and songwriting skills have been a staple in the productions I’ve been involved with since around the time the Red Sea parted. I can always depend upon her to come through in a pinch—regardless of how outlandish my request may be. Talent, dependability and a fabulous sense of humor = a platinum combination.

– Paul Antonelli, Emmy winning composer, musician, music director, and music supervisor (Wikipedia, IMDB)

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How The Heck Do you Make a Living in the Music Business?

I was proud of my student.

When she walked into my Berklee College of Music songwriting class fresh off winning the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, I said “Congratulations! Now get back to work and write another song. And don’t expect anyone else to make you a success. Learn as much as you can about how to present yourself to the music industry, because no one is a better advocate for you than you are”.

You can win prizes, get signed to a major label or publisher, or be the opening act for the biggest star in the industry, but it’s how you market yourself and your songs day in and day out that matters.

Yes, the business is tough. But with knowledge, contacts, and perseverance you CAN succeed. I’ve encountered too many people with talent who never get anywhere because they think, if they’ve got the goods, the business will come to them. NOT TRUE. It’s an intensely competitive field, and over 99% of aspiring musicians don’t make a living at it.

A high percentage of my protégés earn considerable royalties and some have won Emmys and written Top 100 hits. They’re all elated when success finally comes.

But how do they sustain their success? What distinguishes the flash in the pan from the consistent performer? I’ll tell you: It’s a ROAD MAP. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.

If you have the hunger and the drive to succeed, I can show you the ropes. I’ve been helping hundreds of songwriters and musicians for the last two decades, and I know how essential mentoring is. Even the most successful athletes retain coaches for their entire careers. They know that very few people can achieve and maintain their best performance on their own.

If you’re someone who has not yet succeeded, or someone who wants more success, don’t just play the notes correctly or write a terrific song. I’ll help you construct a game plan and keep you on track. The world will tell you “you’re either on the way or in the way”. Let me help you get on your way to success!

[She] reminds us songwriters – seasoned or newbies – that the art and craft of making up songs is supposed to be FUN! It’s so easy to get caught up in rules, or structure, or “shoulds,” but at the end of the day, a great song is always more the result of lining up with your inner child, not your inner critic! Thanks, Barbara L. Jordan!

-Barbara Kessler, folk-rock singer-songwriter (IMDB)

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