Song Critiques

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Here’s the secret:

There is an art to song critique. I know this because I’ve taught and critiqued thousands of songwriters, both professional and non-professional at Berklee College of Music and at schools and workshops all over the world.  If I only told you what you should do to improve your song, you probably wouldn’t learn much.


Is it done yet?

Time and again, I’ve watched the so called “experts” paralyze talented writers with their overly critical assessments. I’ve both seen and experienced writers block. I can tell you that it isn’t fun. It’s usually caused by too much well-intentional analysis and left brain activity. Luckily, I know how to help.

You can have great technique but no life in your songs. My critiques will help you see what’s already strong in your writing and then get you to chip away at the non-essentials clogging up the flow of your song.

If you’re a beginning writer, I can teach you the essential formula for writing an effective song. But once you’ve got the basics, how will you create the “magic” that distinguishes a good song from a great song?

If you play with ideas and truly enjoy yourself in the process, you’ll probably come up with some great melodies and lyrics. But can you put them into a coherent form that the listener understands and responds emotionally to? Will people dance, cry, laugh or sing to your song?

When I created my publishing company Heavy Hitters, I started with a small roster of writers, many of them unpublished and without a clue as to how to craft a marketable song. Within a couple of months, most of them had their first taste of success, getting their songs into film and television and making good royalties. Some of them even got their songs covered by Top Ten recording artists such as Celine Dion and Beyonce. Under my tutelage, average writers got good, and good writers got amazing.

You may have talent, but I know that talent alone does not lead to success. Let me take a look at what you’re writing and help you develop that song so that you can achieve your potential and all the success that you’ve dreamed of.

The fact that you’ve come to this website tells me that you’re already very motivated, and you might just have the persistence necessary to make it in the competitive songwriting business. Don’t blow it by getting the wrong advice on how to polish your gems!

Click here to contact Barbara Jordan for a Song Critique now!